Essentials of Starting a Business

Evening course begins. 

October 10 , 2017 - 6:15pm

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Learn tools and techniques taught in the No. 3 Entrepreneurship Program in the U.S. This hands-on course equips those seeking to start a business with the essentials to navigate a sometimes chaotic and challenging process. Those successfully completing the course receive a Rice Certificate of Completion.

The Essentials of Starting a Business has a rich history. Created by Drs. Ed Williams and Al Napier, who founded the Entrepreneurship program at Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business, this course’s time tested tools and techniques have helped four decades of students start new businesses well past graduation, resulting in the creation of hundreds of new businesses and thousands of new jobs. In this exciting new offering, former students of Drs. Williams and Napier bringing their mentors’ practical frameworks and life lessons to an audience outside the business school.