Humanities & Social Sciences

Are you intrigued by historical, literary, psychological and other insights on the human condition? Do you appreciate the power of critical thinking to shape our lives? Explore timely and timeless issues, guided by Rice University faculty and other community experts. Our lively intellectual community awaits you!

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Creative Writing

Our creative writing courses offer expert guidance from published authors to help new, emerging and practicing writers hone their craft in a supportive community. These interactive classes are designed to demystify the process of writing, enhance technical skills and provide inspiration to start, restart and sustain your creative writing practice.

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History comes to life in a range of engaging courses that share varied voices, stories and perspectives on the past. Gain insights on the world today through a deeper understanding of history. Rice University and community historians introduce you to the extraordinary people and events that shaped our city, nation and world.

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Few things are more universally captivating than a great story. Literature has the power to transport us to the author’s world, to see things through another’s eyes. Studying a wide variety of written works across time and cultures fosters a love of reading, improves writing and encourages critical thinking that “reads between the lines.” Expand your love of literature with our current course offerings.

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Personal Finance

Increase your financial savvy with the guidance of highly experienced financial educators and advisors. Deepen your understanding of investing, the stock market, income tax, retirement planning, estate planning and more. Stay abreast of changing laws and political and economic developments to maximize your financial health.

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Psychology is a uniquely self-reflective discipline, turning a lens on human beings. Explore age-old questions and the latest scientific research about why we think, feel and act the way we do. Whether you’re seeking greater meaning and insight in your own life or wanting to deepen your connection with others, join our enlightening and supportive courses.

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Religion & Philosophy

Consider the truly big questions in our religion and philosophy courses. What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? How can we live our own beliefs while honoring those from other diverse traditions? Examine a wide range of faiths and philosophical perspectives in an environment that supports inquiry, pluralism and deep understanding.