Jul 26 , 2013

We are only jumping back five years in order to highlight a video celebrating our 40th anniversary. The video features the programs and classes that go beyond the typical continuing studies classes and how Continuing Studies contributes to the Houston community through on our vast array of professional development courses including paralegal studies, professional development for teachers, the Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives, the Master of Liberal Studies, English as a Second Language and Foreign Language programs. "One of the most important forms of our engagement with the city of Houston is the opportunities that we provide for the people of Houston to come to Rice and expand their knowledge, to enable them to be more informed and fulfilled citizens," says Rice University President David Leebron in the video. "No school that I know of does that better than the Glassock School of Continuing Studies. It is a vital part of this university and incredible part of the cultural fabric of the city of Houston."

This is a video commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

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