Dec 19 , 2013

We enjoyed Rice Historian Melissa Kean's recent blog post featuring the last days of our current building and the ode written by one of our long-time students and Rice professor, Robert Flatt. He has generously allowed us to re-post it here for you to enjoy.

An Ode to the Old Metal Building

Our last class in the old metal building
Brings tears to our eyes amidst our celebrating
It began its life in 1969
Patroned by the de Menils
Using Howard Barnstone for architecting
One of two metal buildings referred to affectionately
As “Barn” and the “Son of Barn” respectively

Warhol Tree Warhol Tree

I am Blue you would be too
If you had the Closing Down Blues

Its first featured exhibit was a real success
An Andy Warhol show about an installation in progress
It featured a tree ready for planting
That is alive today just outside the building
It was home to some owls just a few months past
No one thought the building would last


In 1987 it came to acquire
The attentions of Mary McIntire
And became the home of continuing education
And of course the wonderful course,
Taught to our class with Peter’s dedication

Martel Center
The temperature was never exactly right
And it took a long time
To get the tables just right
But it’s been a good home
For our photography critiques
Getting better & better with each passing year
The passion to improve is really sincere


It’s just part of the law of entropy
Everything must decay and die someday
Even the Astrodome cannot escape destruction
Please say goodbye to this wonderful old building
With it squeaks and groans and temporary construction
We will miss you some but not a lot
As we enter the new building across the parking lot.

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