Fundamentals of College Counseling

An online program to provide a holistic, core curriculum to teach the critical skills of effective college counseling.

Students walking outside with a college access counselor.

The college search process can be simultaneously exciting and daunting for students and their families. Effective college counseling requires fundamental and advanced counseling skills, knowledge of adolescent cognitive development, an understanding of the higher education landscape, and familiarity with the undergraduate admissions process and financial aid. This program provides a holistic, core curriculum to teach the critical skills of effective college counseling.

Exploring Colleges: This module outlines how to research colleges both remotely and in-person. Participants will learn what they should focus on during campus visits, who to make contact with during the visit, how to maintain relationships with critical university partners and the most productive ways to assist students during their visits to college campuses.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
This module explores the financial aid process and how to best identify need based financial aid, grants and scholarships. An overview of the most beneficial scholarship search tools and application do’s and don’ts will be addressed.

The Admissions Process
This module explains the essentials of the undergraduate admissions process. Participants will learn how and why colleges make admissions decisions. Additionally, this module examines how a university’s institutional goals can impact admission decisions.

This course may be taken independently or as a component of the College Access Counseling Certificate.

Note: The Fundamentals of College Counseling online course is intended to educate participants about the basics of the college admissions/advising process. This course will not increase the likelihood of admission to Rice University and is in no way affiliated with the Office of Admissions.


Section Instructor Format Schedule start date
CCR42899 Jennie Kim, Nick J. Accrocco Online Online; asynchronous modules with one required synchronous session (See tab below) Thursday, November 29, 2018

INSTRUCTOR: Jennie Kim, Nick J. Accrocco
FORMAT: Online
SCHEDULE: Online; asynchronous modules with one required synchronous session (See tab below)
START DATE: Nov. 29, 2018

Instructor: Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim is the associate director for the Center for College Readiness at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. She started her work in the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows, teaching English literature and composition to middle and high school students in high-need Philadelphia public and charter schools. She transitioned to working as a College Readiness Coordinator, preparing first-generation urban students for higher education. She has most recently worked as a school counselor, advocating for college access, diversity, and student wellness. She is a National Certified Counselor and holds an MSEd in School and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania, an MEd in Multicultural Education from Eastern University, and a BA in English from the University of Michigan.

Content Expert

Dr. Nick J. Accrocco was a college admissions professional at two highly selective universities and a college counselor at four distinct secondary school communities. He earned his B.A. from Vanderbilt University, his M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University's George Peabody College of Education & Human Development, his graduate certificate in College Counseling from the University of California-Los Angeles and his Ed.D. in Professional Leadership from the University of Houston. Dr. Accrocco combines a passion for helping students and families through the college search process with a healthy amount of humor.

Term: Fall 2018

Start Date: Nov. 29, 2018

End Date: Dec. 13, 2018

Schedule: Online; asynchronous modules with one required synchronous session (See tab below)

Fee: $285

Early Registration: $260 if registering by Aug. 29

Late Registration: $310 if registering after Nov. 14

Continuing Professional Education (CPE): 8

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0.8

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Participants may choose to attend one of the following required sessions:

  • Sunday, December 9, 7-9 p.m. CST
  • Tuesday, December 11, 7-9 p.m. CST
  • Thursday, December 13, 7-9 p.m. CST