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Lifestyle and Personal Finance

We offer a range of classes designed to enhance participants’ lives and well-being, including courses on mind-body practices, gardening, nature, cooking, design and personal finance, all taught by topic area experts.

Spring Lifestyle Courses

Tibetan Meditation and Joy    Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D. 
Starts: February 3
Learn to incorporate meditative practices such as awareness of breath and sound, visualization, concentration and movement into your everyday life to help you connect to your inner joy.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers    Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D. and Christine Galib, M.S. Ed. 
Starts: February 4 
Tibetan meditation expert Alejandro Chaoul and mindful¬ness educator Christine Galib share strategies to foster relaxation and resilience in adults and children, helping parents, teachers, grandparents, healthcare providers and others serve as “mindfulness models” for children.

The Artist’s Way: Rediscovering Your Creativity    Karleen Koen 
Starts: February 7
Using Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way,” participants will explore creativity through discussion, journaling and a series of activities that open the door to more creative living. 

Modern Feng Shui Practice: A Hands-On Design Workshop    Chao-Chiung Lee, AIA, LEED AP 
Starts: February 16
In this interactive workshop, Feng Shui master and architect C.C. Lee examines the intersection of traditional Feng Shui practices with modern green design principles.

Urban Gardening    Glenn Olsen 
Starts: February 16
Master naturalist Glenn Olsen provides a comprehensive overview of urban gardening in the Houston region with garden design and maintenance tips and techniques.

Cooking with Chef Roger: Delicious Dinners NEW MENUS     Chef Roger Elkhouri, CEC, ACE 
Starts: March 18 
This hands-on course covers techniques for step-by-step preparation of delicious meals from chicken shawarma and homemade pita bread to grilled pork chops with black cherry barbeque sauce.

Designing, Building and Remodeling Your Dream Home    Brent Nyquist 
Starts: March 22
This course guides you through the process of home design, new construction and remodeling, helping you manage your project and assess the role, value and quality of the professionals involved.

Spring Personal Finance Courses

Stock Market and Investment Fundamentals     William E. Frisco, CPA, CFP® 
Designed for novice investors who want to understand how to structure investment portfolios and longtime investors who want to sharpen their skills, this course will help you learn how to manage risks and globally diversify your portfolio.

A New Administration: Retirement, Investing, Income Tax and Estate Planning     Eddie Cohen, CFP®, Wendy Farner, J.D., Deborah Stavis, CFP®  Starts: March 14 
Financial advisors Deborah Stavis and Eddie Cohen and estate and probate law specialist Wendy Farner address retirement, investing, income taxes and estate planning, exploring implications of the new presidential administration.

Instructor Spotlight: Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D.

Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D., has trained with Tibetan lamas since 1989 and is an assistant professor and director of education in the integrative medicine program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

"I enjoy meeting students, since they are adults doing this for their own personal growth. Some students who get really interested in the practices want to continue and apply them deeper into their lives. I love being able to help or guide them in their journey."