Jun 20 , 2012

Centenniale BottleThe Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is joining in Rice University’s Centennial Celebration by offering two courses this fall that highlight the university’s spirit and history.

Houston 100 Years Ago: The Setting for the Rice Institute
Three local historians examine the city of Houston in 1912,  including the unique layout of the city, the diverse groups of people who comprised its burgeoning population and the popular social activities of the time. 

Beer Beyond the Hedges
While the history of consuming beer within the hedges of Rice University may be quite long and storied, Rice has played a significant role in the brewing of beer for the larger community.

Registration for fall 2012 is open. Visit gscs.rice.edu to register. Join our mailing list to get updates on these courses and more.

The official Rice celebration is in October 2012. Visit gscs.rice.edu/centennial to see all the ways we’re celebrating, including the Celebrate Rice Photography Contest and a timeline of Continuing Studies over the years.

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