Aug 09 , 2012

If you have driven anywhere in Houston’s Hermann Park or museum district in the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen the massive new addition going up at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS).  At last one of its major features, the dazzling new Hall of Paleontology, is open to the public.

To celebrate its debut, this fall the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies and HMNS are teaming up to present a companion course introducing the hall – “From Single Cell to Humankind: The Story of Life on Earth.” The expert-led course will examine key events in the evolution of life systems and will end with a special guided tour of the hall.

Tyrannosaurus rex, Photo courtesy the Houston Museum of Natural Science Tyrannosaurus rex, Photo courtesy the Houston Museum of Natural Science

According to Amy Featherston Potts, HMNS director of Adult education, “The museum has been preparing for the opening of the new hall for the last five years—or 65 million depending on how you look at it! It shows the progress of life on our planet, from a fossil of the oldest-known form of life to our early human ancestors with lots of amazing dinosaurs in between.”

Speaking of dinosaurs, Ms. Potts says the museum acquired many of the hall’s specimens while they were still in the ground.  Expediting their excavation, the museum sponsored teams of paleontologists to carefully remove the fossilized bones from the rock-hard matrix where they had rested for millions of years.

This course starts on September 11, so get your bones over here soon to discover the story of life on Earth.

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