Aug 29 , 2012

Houston is very fortunate to have access to the extensive art collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, but few have actually seen the rare treasures inside the museum's Works on Paper Study Center (WPSC).

Jupiter and Antiope Rembrandt von Rijn, Dutch, 1606-169, 'Jupiter and Antiope,' 1659, etching with burin and drypoint on laid paper. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum purchase with funds provided by the Brown Foundation Accessions Endowment Fund, 2000.53.

This fall, the we offer an exclusive opportunity to 40 lucky students of the course, “Prints and Drawings from the MFAH Collection" to view pieces by such masters as Durer, Goya, Gainsborough, Hokusai, Degas, Cassatt, Picasso and Homer – all while learning about the history and types of paper and paper-making. Students will also visit the studio of one of Houston’s most noted printmakers to see the process in action.

The class is led by popular instructor, portrait artist and art historian, Kathryn Klauber, who shared, "Our goal in designing this unique course is to bring participants into the rarefied world of art on that the visceral experience of viewing these delicate and beautifully crafted works is interwoven with the very real knowledge of their creation.  The appreciation of any medium is always heightened by its context, materials, and technique -- its history!"

"For me, visiting these prints and drawings is akin to traveling to a great house museum and finding a room unexpectedly open... with magnificent, rarely seen and delicate masterworks laid out before me.  The memories of these moments have crystallized into some of my most profound."

To take advantage of this rare and exciting opportunity, register for "Prints and Drawings from the MFAH Collection" today. Classes start September 13, 2012.

Bonus: Kathryn Klauber was part of our Saturday Sampler lecture series in the spring and gave this wonderful lecture about Vincent Van Gogh. Click on the videos below to see the lecture in 3 parts.

Van Gogh Pt. 1 Video Part One - Click image to watch video
Van Gogh Pt. 2 Video Part Two - Click on image to watch video
Van Gogh Video Pt. 3 Part Three - Click image to watch video

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