Aug 31 , 2012

"To be in business today, your most important job is to take responsibility for your own career. This is the new normal," says Cecilia Rose, president of Next Door Strategies.

This fall, "Keys to Workplace Success" aims to help you take responsibility and become happier and more successful in your chosen career path. Three respected career trainers, Laura Morales, Cecilia Rose and Danielle Forget Shield, will help you to navigate the ever-changing corporate waters by improving your communication skills, increasing your confidence and teaching you how to adapt to the changing workplace.

"You will learn that certain techniques used to start a face-to-face relationship also work well online and you will learn how to apply them for professional success.  The critical takeaway is knowing how to do this so you don't sabotage your chances for success," said Laura Morales, president of Energize Your Outlook, a speaking, training and coaching practice.

"Understanding who you are and how you define success are critical in the workplace. Knowing these essential things about yourself empower you to make career choices today and in the future," said Danielle Forget Shield, P.E., president and co-founder of 825 Basics, the how-to career strategy company.

"You'll experience attitudinal game-changers guaranteed to help you re-frame the mindsets that hold you back from achieving your goals and much more," said Cecilia Rose. "Once you know how to turn obstacles into opportunities, everything changes!"

Classes start October 2, 2012. Register today.

Take a look at these experts in action:

Laura Morales Video Laura Morales
Cecilia Rose Video Cecilia Rose
Danielle Forget Shield Video Danielle Forget-Shield

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