Feb 27 , 2014
Dessert Gallery Chocolate Treats Dessert Gallery Chocolate Treats by Ellen Orseck

This spring, food moves from plate to canvas under the guidance of artist Ellen Orseck.

"I find something telling, something personal about the objects that fascinate artists. What, for example, compels Janet Fish to paint objects wrapped in plastic or why does Wayne Thiebaud paint cakes? Biographical details come pouring out of the subjects that artists select," says Ms. Orseck. Those details come out in her paintings of food, a few of which are included below.

Artists in this course will use photos from a field trip shoot to create still life paintings in their own particular style. Lecture and discussion will include slides of influential artists' work like Fish, Thiebaud, Ralph Goings and Paul Cezanne.

"My hope is that these student artists can learn to see differently," says Ms. Orseck. "[That they] can open their minds to new ways of developing series, to find what is personal and significant for them in the world."

Explore your creative side in "Food for Thought: Photorealism in Acrylics," beginning Tuesday, March 4.

You're the Cream in My Coffee You're the Cream in My Coffee by Ellen Orseck
Rendezvous Rendezvous by Ellen Orseck
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