Oct 16 , 2014

LJ GarfieldLJ Garfield, an alumna of the Master of Liberal Studies program, received the “Star Performer Award” from Remington College where she worked since 2010. This annual honor is granted to instructors who consistently exceed academic, corporate and retention goals. At Remington College, LJ primarily teaches courses related to medical assisting but also teaches other health science programs when necessary. Courses she has taught include law and ethics for medical professionals, phlebotomy and pharmacology.

LJ accounts her professional success to her experiences in the MLS program. Her personal teaching style has been greatly influenced by John Freeman’s courses and his own manner of teaching. In turn, LJ uses this influence to guide and inspire those who she works with and teaches. When LJ was promoted to lead instructor at Remington College in 2011, she recognized the influence the MLS program had already provided. LJ believes her instructors helped her to improve her communication, logic, presentation and managerial skills. It was these characteristics that caused her to be recognized by her employer. LJ is now the Health Science Program Director at Remington College.

LJ graduated from the MLS program in May 2014. Although she began the program in 2008, she took a hiatus until 2011 to raise money to complete the degree. She returned to the program with vengeance, frequently taking two classes per semester to catch up.

Her capstone project, “The Grand Unification Theory: Hybrid Education Delivery Systems Utilizing Pedagogical and Andrological Best Practices,” was accepted by the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) at Virginia Tech, and she was invited to administer a poster presentation at the 2014 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy earlier this year. Congratulations LJ, we are proud of your accomplishments as an MLS alumna.

To learn more about the MLS program please visit our website at mls.rice.edu. The application deadline for the winter 2015 session is Friday, October 24. Classes start the week of January 5, 2015.

Laura Bailey


Laura Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

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