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Online Learning

Since 2006, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has been offering online courses designed to meet the needs of busy professionals around the world. We are committed to the development and execution of high quality, student-centered, online education. We offer a robust catalog of online courses, and students receive exceptional support from our experienced Online Learning support team.

Departments that offer online courses:

  • Center for College Readiness – course offerings for secondary counselors and students are designed to ensure that students are academically prepared for the rigors of college and can successfully navigate their pathway to post-secondary success
  • Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership – course offerings for nonprofit executives, finance officers, fundraisers and board members are designed to provide career advancement and increase the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector
  • Professional Development – courses help working professionals prepare for global certification exams, earn recertification credits, and develop new skills
  • Teacher Education – professional education graduate and undergraduate courses are offered as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching and teacher certification program

Types of online courses offered through the Glasscock School

Distance learning - These courses are live sessions conducted by correspondence over the Internet and occur at a fixed time. The courses involve educational instruction with collaborative interactions among instructors-learners and learners –learners. These courses are primarily delivered through Blackboard Collaborate.

Blended learning - Blended courses combine online educational instruction with live learning experiences, either at Rice University or in a digital space. Our blended learning courses have three primary components:

  1. Self-paced online learning- includes digital content and materials with collaborative activities to complement in-person learning
  2. In-person learning -occurs at fixed times and includes direct application and activities as well as interaction with master teachers
  3. Independent learning- the synthesis and integration of in-person interactions and self-paced learning into a personal learning experience

On Demand Learning - Online courses are self-contained and conducted entirely via the Internet within the course platform. The learning process is exclusively self-directed with interactions between student and content.