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Great Migrations of the World
The migration of hundreds of millions of birds in and out of North America occurs in our backyards. Thousands of Monarch butterflies pass through Texas as part of their own truly astounding migration and thousands of salmon make the epic journey from the head waters of rivers in the northwest U.S. across thousands of miles of oceans and back to the exact same river where they hatched years before. This course will examine how and why these animals make the trek. Whales, seals, butterflies, birds, dragonflies and many other great migrations will be discussed in this class.


Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure. In a biological sense it means that an ecosystem has diversity of species and is dynamic, productive and long lived. A historically thriving, healthy forest is an example of a sustainable ecosystem. The ocean is another prime example. In this course, participants will learn and apply the principles of this natural process coupled with key concepts from organic gardening, permaculture and natural landscaping to explore the potential of long-term maintenance and well-being of our yards, gardens and lives.