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Starting School Virtually - OpenRICE Session

Join us at our free online OpenRICE session.

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August 07 , 2020 - 12:00 p.m.

As Summer 2020 is nearing a close, many teachers, students and parents find themselves struggling to imagine the upcoming school year amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic. While districts may vary in their approach to overcoming the challenges of the "new" normal, it is likely that online tools will play a large role in how teachers not only deliver lessons but also build valuable relationships with their students and parents, guide students through academic hardships and provide socio-emotional support this fall.

In this OpenRICE session, we invite practicing educators to discuss what it looks like to begin the school year with online, non-face-to-face learning formats, highlight their key learnings from the 2019-2020 school year, and provide suggestions of how teachers and educational leaders can address potential roadblocks to establishing a solid groundwork for the school year.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Online tools and techniques to promote effective learning
  • Engaging parents to support building good practices with their students
  • Building relationships with parents and students via technology
  • Engaging collaborative groups of students to work together to stay on track with a virtual classroom schedule
  • Identifying and combating students who become disengaged