Technology Integration

Technology Integration Across the Curriculum workshops provide teachers with methods and strategies of integrating technology into their classrooms to best support student learning.

Our technology integration workshops are designed to help teachers discover how to transform their classroom into a student-centered environment that is easily differentiated for all learners.  Workshops are designed specifically for teachers with various levels of experience at integrating technology from beginners to advance.

Technology Integration Workshops

Spring 2020

This training will focus on collaboration strategies for the classroom utilizing the Google Suite of Apps for Education.  During this training, we will develop a foundational understanding on how to implement the Google Suite of Apps for Education into the classroom to facilitate student engagement. Collectively, we will create a variety of documents you will be able to take back to your classroom to get your students working together, creating, and presenting. This training is designed to be an introduction to the Google Suite of Apps for Education and is recommended for all beginner Google Suite users.  Teachers with a more advanced understanding of Google apps are encouraged to sign up for the Technology Integration Workshop Part II:  Google Collaboration course in February.


SPring 2020

Come join us in a collaborative “playground” setting in which teachers will be guided through advanced strategies on how to use the Google Suite to facilitate student engagement.  Teachers will be guided through edtech solutions to questions that all teachers face when trying to use classroom technology to teach and engage their students. This course is designed for teachers with an intermediate to advanced understanding of the Google Suite of Apps for Education. Teachers who are beginner users of the Google Suite of Apps for Education are encouraged to take the Technology Integration Workshop Part I:  Google Classroom prior to this course.