EDUC 267 +
Career Practicum

Summer 2021

The most powerful learning happens not just from expert instruction, but also from applying classroom lessons to real-world, client projects. This career practicum will provide an opportunity to collaborate with peers to solve practical challenges facing various industries worldwide. The career practicum will introduce you to the theories, tools, and skills that will prepare you for a career in your chosen field of interest. The academic course is designed to complement the practical components of the field-based practicum, so students can maximize learning through guided, critical self-reflection, and goal setting. The continuous academic learning supports the connection between the field-based project work students’ experience in the practicum and the academic classroom-content and connections.

This experiential learning course provides academic content and guided career and professional development for undergraduate students in a real-world, professional context. It is designed for students to gain experience in a work-place setting while engaging with relevant, focused academic course content. The course provides an opportunity for students to apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom and further develop practical experiences and professional skills in their field of interest while under the supervision and guidance of a field-based, industry-focused mentor and academic instructor.

Students will:

  • Obtain practical experiences in their field of interest and facilitate understanding of career options related to the field in which the student is interning
  • Apply theories learned in the classroom to the field of choice
  • Gain knowledge and expertise from the supervisor and mentors at the sponsoring organization
  • Reflect upon practical work experience and training by participating in a variety of job responsibilities in a professional setting
  • Acquire skills to enhance a resume and/or graduate school applications
  • Students may choose to participate in the non-credit or credit version of this course.

Students may choose to participate in the non-credit or credit version of this course.

Non-credit: Students interested in the non-credit version of this course will participate in a three-week online course followed by a nine-week internship.

Credit: Students wishing to maximize their learning and development throughout their Career Semester program can enroll in the for-credit option, EDUC 267 Career Practicum, offered by the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University. Career Semester students who elect to enroll in the optional course for academic credit will be charged an additional course fee directly from Rice University.

Students interested in participating in the credit version of this course will be required to successfully complete additional academic assessments throughout the academic semester. Students participating in the credit version of this course will participate in a three-week online course, followed by a nine-week internship, and then concluding with three weeks of asynchronous, online coursework.

EDUC 267 Career Practicum

EDUC 267: Career Practicum
Instructor: Jennifer Gigliotti, EdD
Method of Instruction: Online

This is an immersion learning course that also includes online learning components and assessments. Students earning credit will be required to actively participate in the online course content and assessments. Course content is delivered online utilizing the Canvas learning management system.

Grades for this course are based on a standard letter grade. Students enrolling in the credit portion of this course must successfully complete all course assessments.

Getting Started

How do I register for the Career Semester (non-credit) portion of this program?

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How do I register for the optional credit portion of this program?

Step 1: You must first register with Career Semester for the non-credit course at

Step 2: After receiving enrollment acknowledgment from WorldStrides, you may proceed to register for the credit portion of the course.

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