Falling for Poetry

Poet and English professor Joseph Campana draws on poetry old and new and near and far and shares tools, resources, daily habits and optional writing prompts to kindle or re-kindle your love of poetry.

Pages of books bending to form heart

We love the idea of poetry. That’s why we call so many things “poetic”—movies, justice, feats of athleticism. Faced with actual poems, however, many insist, “I don’t understand poetry.” In this course, we invite you to kindle or re-kindle a love of poetry. This course isn’t about understanding poetry, if that means expecting poetry to offer easily accessible information. Instead, it is about opening up to poems and noticing how they open up to us when we relax, change our expectations and enjoy the luxury of close, patient, meditative reading. Whether you’re a poetry lover who wants to deepen your experience or a poetry novice who wants to feel confident reading poems, this course is for you. With poet and English professor Joseph Campana, Ph.D., you will draw on poetry old and new and near and far, sharing tools, resources, daily habits and optional writing prompts to entice you to open up and fall in love with poetry.


Section Instructor Format Schedule start date
GHUM1910.F17.1 Joseph Campana On-campus 7–8:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Instructor: Joseph Campana

Joseph Campana, Ph.D., associate professor and Alan Dugald McKillop Chair in English at Rice University, is an award-winning poet, arts writer and widely published scholar of Renaissance literature. He is the author of three collections of poetry, “The Book of Faces,” “Natural Selections,” which received the Iowa Poetry Prize, and “The Book of Life,” forthcoming. Appearing in Slate, Kenyon Review, Poetry, Conjunctions and Colorado Review, his poems have won awards from Prairie Schooner and The Southwest Review. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Houston Arts Alliance and the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference. Dr. Campana holds a doctorate in English from Cornell University.

Term: Fall 2017

Start Date: Oct. 10, 2017

End Date: Nov. 07, 2017

Schedule: 7–8:30 p.m.

Length: Five Tuesdays

Location: Rice campus

Fee: $175

Rice Alumni: $158

CEUs: 0.9

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