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Strategic Social Media for Business Certificate

This course equips business owners and marketers with the tools needed to reach a target clientele on social media and create encompassing content that resonates with their target market.

A social media presence is no longer optional for small businesses. With the right plan, you can create dynamic, compelling social media content on a budget to engage your intended audience. Marketing is not just about selling a product or service. It is crucial to speak to a person's problem - and then tell them how you are going to solve it.

Learn the rules behind platform algorithms, as well as how to measure success in the social media space. Topics to be covered include: Social-media-specific strategy, content creation and planning, targeting and communicating with a target customer audience, and measuring digital impact on your social media pages. This course culminates with an action project - managing your own social campaign, which will be presented in the final class.

Attendance policy: You must attend all classes to earn the certificate of completion.


  • Anyone doing marketing for their own business
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Networking groups such as Business Network International and young professionals
  • Social media marketers for small businesses

In-Person or Remotely

This course is offered through the Glasscock School’s Zoom-powered classroom, which gives students the opportunity to attend in person at the Rice campus or to attend and participate remotely. From class to class, students can choose how they wish to participate.


Financial assistance information can be found on Rice Financial Aid's Visiting and Continuing Education Students page.

Doing more than just reaching your social media audience, Kristyna "PRKristyna" Torres-Cruz helps to engage them. Driven by the desire to connect our community to the brands that want to support them, Ms. Torres-Cruz has worked alongside both solo-preneurs and large teams in social media strategy, engagement and unique aspects most business owners don't consider when they think "marketing." A graduate from the University of Wisconsin system and an avid Green Bay Packers fan, Ms. Torres-Cruz has started her career at the bottom of the ladder and built her company into what it is today serving both nonprofits and for-profits with a community-driven view on client marketing. She's proud to be serving both worldwide brands and local companies in all aspects of the ever-changing social media world, now not only managing social media branding for her clients but also regularly adding "Instructor and Consultant" as a title beside her name.

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