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All Fall 2020 philanthropy & nonprofit courses have been lowered by 20 percent. No discount code needed. Certificate programs not included.

About Us

Welcome to the Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership. We envision a vibrant philanthropic culture in Houston and around the world, where individuals of all ages and means are inspired to give and to serve, and where nonprofit leaders—both professional and volunteer — have access to the highest quality of educational resources to support their work.

Through the generosity of Rice alumni C.M. “Hank” and Demaris Hudspeth, we are able to expand upon the 20-year history of nonprofit and fundraising course offerings at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. We have surveyed over 2,700 local nonprofit employees, fundraisers and foundation staff members to determine how this Center can benefit Houston, and we are beginning to offer new courses based on this research.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant philanthropic sector in which nonprofit organizations achieve their missions and people are inspired to give and serve.

Our Mission

To increase the effectiveness and impact of the nonprofit sector by providing education and nurturing leadership among professionals and those who support the work of nonprofit organizations.

Read the "In the Spotlight" blog featuring Demaris Hudspeth posted by the Rice History Corner on April 11, 2012 or the original Rice press release.

We intend to unite theory and nonprofit sector experience in our courses, so students can learn from professors and seasoned practitioners. Our courses prepare nonprofit professionals to lead their organizations and strengthen their communities. Fundraisers acquire best practices to secure resources; board members and volunteers learn to serve more effectively; and donors learn to give wisely.

We realize these goals seem grand, but most goals regarding education and philanthropy are grand. As the Center grows, we will look to collaborate with our Rice University colleagues and to partner with other nonprofit institutions to advance our understanding of philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. We know this will require support from the community, but we happen to have a deep appreciation for the power of individuals coming together to make a difference in the world.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Navigate our new website and read about our instructors, our courses, and see how the Center might help you. We want to help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions and share the power philanthropic action has to enhance our world. We are willing to start… What will you do?

Alignment with The Rice University Second Century Vision

"We must fully engage with the city of Houston—learning from it and contributing to it—as a successful partnership with our home city is an essential part of our future. We should do so by continuing to integrate students, by emphasizing selective areas of research, especially important to the city (notably energy and urban studies), by making tangible contributions to improve our city (particularly K-12 education and environmental quality), and by continuing to provide innovative educational and cultural resources to the broader Houston population."

- Rice University's V2C