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About Us

Diverse students in a changing global society influence our focus on developing effective teacher leaders who are committed to student-centered learning. This program provides extensive field-based experiences to engage, prepare and support our students in the exploration of critical issues in education.

The Teacher Certification, Principal Certification and Master of Arts in Teaching programs provide professional education courses that include extensive study of critical issues in education and effective pedagogy for diverse learners. Additionally, we facilitate a network of support for our students and alumni so that we ensure our teacher leaders continue to grow and evolve as professionals. Through a first-year internship experience that hones strong analysis of student work, classroom management, and parent-teacher relationships, an online alumni network for collaboration and support, and access to high-quality professional development training offered at Rice University, we nurture teachers in the development of their content and pedagogy skills.

All of our courses include field-based experiences that encourage students to compare and apply their theoretical work to what is actually happening in schools. Our approach to the educational history, philosophy, learning theories and human developmental processes is influenced by the growing diversity of learners in the globalizing context of our nation’s schools.

As the face of our Houston metropolitan area changes we stress the use of culturally relevant content and pedagogy in working with English language and diverse learners. Our program fosters the use of inquiry that promotes student-centered learning.

Program Performance

Rice Education is approved by the State of Texas to offer teacher preparation programs in the following fields: art, English language arts and reading, history, Latin, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, physics/mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, and principalship.

After satisfactory completion of a Rice education program, which includes the state-mandated examinations for teachers, students are recommended for a Texas teaching credential. The Texas Education Agency then awards a Texas Teacher Certificate (Grades 7–12) or Principal Certificate.

Our program regularly reviews our data and offers it to the Rice Education Advisory Committee for discussion. The data included in the reports below are submitted annually to the Texas Education Agency in the Accountability System for Educator Preparation (ASEP) and to the U. S. Department of Education in the Title II Report.

Grievance and Complaint Procedures

Rice Education has established academic, disciplinary and ethical policies in accordance with Rice University (General Announcements-Policies) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) (TAC 19, Part 7, Chapter 228, Rule §228.70). Students sometimes might seek waiver of, deviation from, or appeal of these policies or applications of these policies. The objective of this grievance procedure is to ensure that concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair and just manner.

Training for Teachers in Technology Integration