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Founded in 1964, the program was established on the tenets of creating content experts who were adept at writing and delivering innovative curriculum. Today, Teacher Education at Rice University provides professional education courses that include extensive study of critical issues in education and effective pedagogy for diverse learners. As the face of our Houston metropolitan area changes, our extensive field-based experiences stress the use of culturally relevant content and pedagogy in working with English language and diverse learners and fosters the use of inquiry that promotes student-centered learning. We take pride in our individualized plans of study that allow students to expand and enrich their knowledge of education issues and hone their content expertise. Additionally, we facilitate a network of support for our students and alumni so that we ensure our teacher leaders continue to grow and evolve as professionals.

Our 21st Century Mission

We seek to engage, prepare and support teacher leaders for student-centered classrooms in a diverse society. Our contemporary teacher preparation program is based on six key pillars: Student centered learning Understanding the needs of diverse learners Incorporating authentic assessments Effective use of educational technologies and digital learning Developing teachers as instructional leaders Creating professional learning communities As we celebrated our golden anniversary, we reflected on Rice University’s long history in service to teachers. From its inception in 1912, Rice University has been committed to contributing to the betterment of the city of Houston and the city’s schools and teachers in particular. The University’s founding president, Edgar Odell Lovett, recognized in “The Rice Institute Book of the Opening” that as part of the Institute’s mission and vision, it was incumbent upon the Institute“… to stimulate and sustain the intellectual life of the teachers of the city’s schools.” As we look toward our next 50 years, we continue to embrace our role in stimulating and sustaining our city’s teachers. We look forward to assisting educators in furthering their education, professional growth and career goals for many more decades.