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Rice University’s Glasscock School has partnered with ACAOM to offer professional development opportunities.

Leadership Principles, Effective Public Speaking and Strategic Social Media for Business are designed to provide leadership, business acumen and marketing and communication skills. You may take one or all three elective courses to enhance your professional and business skills. Upon completion of all three courses, earn the Rice University Organizational Leadership and Communication Certificate. This fall, all courses take place in our live-instruction, online format.

Partnership Offerings

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  • Leadership Principles Certificate

    Reach new levels of success by discovering your leadership style and refining your skills for maximum impact. Rice University's Leadership Principles Certificate is designed to assist those aspiring to leadership roles reach new levels of success by teaching cutting-edge leadership and management concepts and providing tools and resources for integration of learning into everyday practice. This program is an effective way to scale learning for maximum impact and is guided by research-based assessments.

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  • Effective Public Speaking

    Through a combination of short readings, mini-lectures, and in-class activities, you will focus on communication principles such as how to choose a strategy, organize an argument, project confidence, design visuals, and how to engage with your audience. Becoming an expert presenter requires applying those principles to master the skills, and in this class, you are given multiple opportunities to give informative and persuasive presentations on topics of interest to you. In this encouraging and supportive environment, your peers and instructor will provide feedback to accelerate your growth as an effective speaker.

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  • Strategic Social Media for Business Certificate

    This course equips business owners and marketers with the tools needed to reach a target clientele on social media and create encompassing content that resonates with their target market. Learn the rules behind platform algorithms, as well as how to measure success in the social media space. Topics to be covered include: Social-media-specific strategy, content creation and planning, targeting and communicating with a target customer audience, and measuring digital impact on your social media pages. This course culminates with an action project - managing your own social campaign, which will be presented in the final class.

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