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Communications & Marketing

In today's competitive atmosphere, the added competency of effective communication is sought by organizations regardless of industry. Our courses range in topics, in which all practices are beneficial to those seeking to enhance their communication proficiency.


Conflict Management

Organizations are made up of diverse people with differing opinions and competing interests. When harnessed productively, conflict can be a positive force that facilitates breakthroughs. Master the skills needed to step up to conflict and see them as opportunities. Implement a proven approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

The Digital Marketing Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time digital marketing program that takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in marketing strategy, campaign development, digital advertising, and modern tools in site analytics and reporting. In just 18 weeks, you will dive into a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the fundamental concepts necessary to become skilled in digital marketing and step into the industry.

Effective Public Speaking

A combination of short readings, mini-lectures, and in-class activities will focus on communication principles such as how to choose a strategy, organize an argument, project confidence, design visuals, and interact with the audience.

Executive Diplomacy Certificate

During this eight-part workshop, participants will expand their global competency and acquire practical skills and proven strategies for corporate and personal diplomacy. This is a practical guide to protocol practices that will ensure successful interaction with international clients, government officials, and visitors, and will yield more productive multi-cultural exchanges.

Soft Skills for Business Professionals

Led by Bill Murray, PMP, BSChE, MBA, Ph.D., this course provides an introduction to soft skills for project managers by focusing on techniques for successful communications, leadership, team building and relationship building.

Strategic Social Media for Business Certificate

This course equips business owners and marketers with the tools needed to reach a target clientele on social media and create encompassing content that resonates with their target market.