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The Glasscock School's Professional and Corporate Programs partners with leading organizations to help develop the agile leadership teams needed for a successful transition to today’s dynamic and ever more digital economy. Whether it's a custom program for your senior leaders or our extensive portfolio for small teams and individuals, we design our programs to deliver maximum value and impact.

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Changes in technology, the global economy and changing job skill demands make career-long education a necessity. Glasscock provides guidance and education to individuals and corporate leaders (you) to develop a curated professional education path delivering applicable and vital skills and outcomes vital for career success.

In today’s rapidly moving market, job descriptions are dynamic, with skills, duties, and responsibilities that are constantly shifting. A business’s success depends on its capacity to build a workforce in which everyone has the skills and behaviors they need to succeed amidst a shifting landscape. Organizations need talent planning, education foresight and future skill identification to move their employees and organization forward.

Our corporate program offerings are built based on our own enterprise professional development success model. This model centers around creating optimal competency pathways that benefit both the organization and the individual. We work with corporate leaders (you) to assess your professional development needs, understand your culture and advise on a curated education pathway that is mapped to the needs of your organization and designed for long-term impact.

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