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Our leadership program portfolio has been built to meet the professional development goals of the early-to-mid career professionals, high-potential employees, or individual contributors who are moving into managerial roles for the first time.


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Become a strong leader with targeted leadership skills to accelerate your professional career.


Career Resiliency Group Coaching

This course uses a model that integrates professional success, personal well-being, and physical wellness that will create sustainable change for your future. We will help you catalyze your passions and priorities for professional success.

Conflict Management

Organizations are made up of diverse people with differing opinions and competing interests. When harnessed productively, conflict can be a positive force that facilitates breakthroughs. Master the skills needed to step up to conflict and see them as opportunities. Implement a proven approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.

Executive Diplomacy Certificate

During this eight-part workshop, participants will expand their global competency and acquire practical skills and proven strategies for corporate and personal diplomacy. This is a practical guide to protocol practices that will ensure successful interaction with international clients, government officials, and visitors, and will yield more productive multi-cultural exchanges.

Fundamentals of Business and Innovation Program

The Fundamentals of Business and Innovation certificate provides students with the tools and skills necessary to successfully launch or grow an existing business, product, or project. Through knowledge acquisition and real-world applications, students will increase their ability to utilize innovative techniques to solve business and consumer problems.

Leading Engineering Project Teams

Develop the essential skills you need to lead teams and projects in engineering organizations. Engineers who want to advance in their profession need to develop effective project management, leadership, and communication skills to deliver complex ideas and technical project plans. This program is offered to you through a collaboration between the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies and Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) at the George R. Brown School of Engineering.

Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives (LINE) Certificate

The LINE program is a 10-month journey designed to assist nonprofit leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles while building their current skill sets to become effective and successful leaders of nonprofit organizations. The LINE program combines the academic rigor of Rice University and the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies’ dedication to philanthropic success.

Leadership Principles Certificate Program

Rice University's Leadership Principles Certificate Program is designed to assist those aspiring to leadership roles reach new levels of success by teaching cutting-edge leadership and management concepts and providing tools and resources for the integration of learning into everyday practice. This certificate is an effective way to scale learning for maximum impact and is guided by research-based assessments.

Leading Self, Teams, and Systems Certificate

This certificate provides a holistic approach to a lifelong leadership development practice. We start with the premise that leadership must begin with you, requires mobilizing and engaging others to do difficult work, and produces positive change in systems, communities, and organizations.

Leading Self: Your DiSC Leadership Style

In this course, participants will take the DiSC™ assessment to understand their communication and work styles.

Leading Teams: High Performing Teams

Through interactive activities, discover how to diagnose and address challenging competencies and leverage team strengths.

Physician Leadership Certificate

Rice University is proud to partner with Pariveda Solutions, Inc. to offer the Physicians Leadership Certificate to help physicians in leadership roles find solid, specific solutions to some of their most troubling work-related problems.

The Art and Practice of Influencing Without Authority

Practice how to influence and gain support from others beyond the responsibilities inherent to your job’s position or title. Be prepared to challenge your assumptions on what it really means to create positive change.