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Paint. Pixels. Pitch. Whether your preferred creative expression is studio art, photography, music or another medium, the lectures and hands-on workshops of our Arts courses offer expert guidance and welcoming environments. Absolute beginners, serious amateurs and seasoned professionals are invited to deepen their understanding of arts and design, enhance their skills or learn something entirely new.


Spring 2021 Courses

A Tale of Two Cities: The Art, Culture and History of London and Paris

Explore the interwoven history of two metropolises, London and Paris, through the lens of their respective art histories, from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

American Sounds: Great Symphonic Music of North and South America

Join conductor Carlos Andrés Botero to discover how North and South American symphonic traditions emerged to create not one but many uniquely American sounds.

Broadway Pulitzer Prize Winners

Celebrate 10 Pulitzer prize-winning musicals with former professional actress, singer and director Debra Dickinson as your guide.

Fantastical Broadway

Join former professional actress, singer and director Debra Dickinson on an adventure to the fantastical side of Broadway, from “Peter Pan” to “The Lion King.”

How Classical Music Is Created: The Composer’s Palette

Explore the creation of classical music, with insights from leading contemporary classical composers and musicians as well as historical accounts of great masters.

Studio Art Courses

Art From Adversity: A Visual Memoir of Our Time

This course invites artists at all levels to chronicle a pivotal moment in history, employing the multimedia approaches of your choice (drawing, painting, collage, assemblage).

The Art of Collage

“Coller,” the French word meaning to glue, defines this technique of assembling different forms to create something new. Includes in-class time to collage.

Drawing Fundamentals

Learn or relearn the fundamentals of drawing in this class for beginning and intermediate artists.

Introduction to Drawing: A Process Workshop

Bring your drawings to life in this playful process drawing workshop, learning the basics of composition, value and contour while practicing a variety of drawing approaches.

Introduction to Painting

Whether you are new to painting or looking to refresh your skills, build a strong foundation to create your own unique acrylic or oil paintings.


Photography Courses

Advanced Photography Workshop With Peter Brown

Experienced photographers grow creatively by offering and receiving critiques on independent projects in a supportive environment.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Develop your photographic eye and master the fundamentals of digital photography in this short online course, with technical and creative exercises and opportunities for instructor feedback.

Introduction to iPhone Photography

This course covers the basics of the iPhone® camera, the art and science of photography and strategies for taking better photographs (iOS 14 or newer is required).

Portrait Photography

Experiment with a range of portraiture approaches and develop your photographic style and artistic voice in this workshop with professor and portrait photographer Keliy Anderson-Staley.


Interested in exploring our diverse course offerings? Consider our Midweek Medley sampler series class, with options from Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.