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Are you intrigued by historical, literary, philosophical and other insights on the human condition? Do you appreciate the power of critical thinking, dialogue and the written word to enhance and shape our lives? Explore timely and timeless issues, guided by Rice University faculty and other community experts. Our lively intellectual community awaits you!


Spring 2021 Courses

Facing Race: Racism, Resistance and Reckoning in the United States

Explore the history of race and anti-black racism in the U.S. and movements to resist racial oppression from the Civil War through Black Lives Matter.

Key Topics in South American Political and Cultural History

Explore major issues in the political and cultural histories of South America, ranging from early nation formation to the challenges of the 21st century.

Mexican American History: 1850 to Today

Explore the economic, social, political, intellectual and cultural history of Mexican Americans or “Chicanx” from 1850 to today.

Profiles From the Past: Greek, Roman and Early Medieval History

Consider the enduring influence of ancient Greek, Roman and early medieval cultures and key historical figures from the Western past whose ideas still resonate today.

World War II: The War With Japan

Military historian John Bradley provides an overview of the Allied-Japanese conflict during World War II with highlights of significant campaigns and reflections on the war’s legacy.


Creative Writing Courses

The Craft of Fiction Writing

Novelist Cassandra Rose Clarke examines the basics of good fiction and offers insight into revision and publication processes, using literary inspirations, generative writing exercises and discussions.

Start Writing, Keep Writing

Outrun your internal critic in this course composed of timed, in-class prompts. You will have the chance to share your writing and listen to others’ work.

Interested in exploring our diverse course offerings? Consider our Midweek Medley sampler series class, with options from Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.