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Computer & Data Science

Whether you're looking to jump-start a new career path or gain skills to complement your current position, our computer and data science offerings provide you with an in-depth understanding of industry-based applications and techniques.


Advanced Decision Analytics Certificate Programs

Through a collaboration with Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies offers two unique certificate programs in the field of advanced data analytics.

Coding Boot Camp

Web development is a high-growth career track, and Rice University Coding Boot Camp in Houston teaches you the specialized skills to tap into this rewarding industry. Through a fast-paced, immersive curriculum, you’ll learn the skills needed to become proficient in front-end and back-end technologies.

Cybersecurity Boot Camp

The 24-week Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that takes a multidisciplinary approach to attain proficiency in IT, networking, and modern information security, throughout the course of 24 intensive weeks.

Data Analytics Boot Camp

Rice University Data Analytics Boot Camp is a 24-week, part-time Data Analytics course covering Advanced Excel, Python, JavaScript (D3.js, Leaflet.js), HTML/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and more.

Data Storytelling and Decision Making

This course teaches you a framework for developing, implementing, and presenting data-driven decision-making processes. While providing examples of how to utilize storytelling and other techniques to bridge the gap between decision scientists and data scientists, the hands-on component of this course gives you guided practice with refining problem statements, identifying objectives, choosing appropriate data analysis approaches, outlining expected data analysis products, and planning for intended outcomes and how to measure progress.

Decision Analytics

Learn the simple science of Excel-based decision analytics to use relevant concepts from statistics to develop quantitative models that provide great data.

Energy & Data Management Certificate

Rice University’s Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences (EEPS) and Glasscock School have partnered to offer the Energy & Data Management Certificate, which focuses on exploration and production as a data-driven business and emphasizes the importance of the curation, exploitation, and analysis of data using data analytics and data science methods within the upstream oil and gas industry.

Factory Analytics

Through the understanding of the physics of factory operations, learn to calculate performance measures, assess best- and worst-case performances of a production line, conduct internal benchmarking, evaluate the effects of machine failure, set-ups, and other disruptions on system performance, manage variability effectively, and design efficient and cost-effective processes.

FinTech Boot Camp

Rice University FinTech Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to finance, fundamental programming, data analysis, and modern tools in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Prescriptive Analytics

This class will teach you how to solve complex problems using Excel-based discrete optimization tools.

Python, Creativity & Machine Learning for Digital Innovation Certificate

In this certificate, you will learn to systematically scope and define viable opportunities for innovation, create efficiency through expediting and automating workflows, and make better-informed decisions using contemporary data science methods. Each of these three areas draws from and complements the others. Pursuing all three areas in this certificate puts you in a position to champion and lead productive change.

Supply Chain Analytics

Emphasis will be on a variety of fundamental supply chain applications such as transportation, capacity allocation, production planning, network flow, vehicle routing, aggregate planning, sales and operations planning, and network design.