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Back in Business

Rice University’s Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is partnering with The Ion to provide education and insight to small business owners, helping them return to normal operations and recover from the closures.


Let's Get You Back in Business

Houston is home to thousands of small businesses impacted by closures as a result COVID-19. Coming back involves more than just flipping over the “OPEN” sign. The Glasscock School and The Ion are teaming up to provide education and insight to small business owners, helping them return to normal operations and recover from the closures. The Back In Business Initiative will provide online short courses with timely, industry specific case studies for local business owners.


Collaborative Decision Making with Inadequate Information - How to Ask Better Questions and Get the Answer You Are Really Seeking From Your Data 
Jeff Reichman, Principal, January Advisors 

This course will apply research and best practices to making decisions with inadequate information and communicating them successfully during this COVID-19 crisis. Startups, small businesses, and large corporations are all facing important, difficult decisions with inadequate information and inadequate time. Businesses need to implement those decisions using communication that is calming, candid, and proactive. Built into each highly practical class session is the time to collect input from colleagues and workshop particular solutions to current issues. Although applicable to decision making in all areas of leadership, this just-in-time, interactive, online course is tailored specifically to managing in the COVID-19 crisis and is priced in order to assist as many Houston-area leaders as we are able to assist.

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Marketing Strategy and Communication in Uncertain Times  
Tim deSilva, Founder and CEO, Culture Pilot

As industries face sudden and unique challenges, now more than ever, we must think strategically to maintain business and build relevance through our marketing and communications. From customers and internal staff to industry partners and peers, learn how we can take a strategic look at supporting existing needs while building new opportunities for our organizations. We’ll explore challenges, tools, and strategies for positioning in the market, and we’ll discuss various examples of companies using proactive approaches right now. Together we can survive (and hopefully thrive) during these uncertain times. This course helps you develop marketing strategies to maintain current business and build relevance, create effective communication plans for existing and future needs and create and maintain market position.

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Open Innovation and Problem-Solving in an Organization 
Design Your New Business Model Post COVID-19
FRIDAY, JULY 17, 9-11 A.M. 
Jeffrey R. Davis, M.D., Founder and CEO at Exploring 4 Solutions, LLC, former director Human Health and Performance, NASA Johnson Space Center

Open innovation enables firms to leverage data, talent and expertise to rapidly generate new ideas, solve problems and find efficiencies. This course will help business leaders identify urgent and critical problems amenable to open innovation solutions and develop creative strategies and implementation through open innovation. This course helps you identify critical business problems, leverage data to rapidly develop innovative strategies to solve those problems and build an open innovation business culture.

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OpenRICE Webinars

OpenRICE is an effort to continue the Glasscock School’s long history of being Rice’s “open gate” to the Houston area. Through this initiative, we will provide free relevant and timely expertise and insight in the form of short courses called OpenRICE Sessions. These single session experiences will help Houstonians gain a greater understanding of a multitude of topics and serve as an educational supplement and primer for further thought and deeper study.

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