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4 Key Benefits to an MLS Degree for Professionals

See how the MLS program can help you meet and surpass your professional goals.

Aug 17 , 2020

In today's society, a liberal studies education is often positioned as an alternative to fields focused on technical skills like business, math, or computer science. However, with a liberal studies education, students have the opportunity to develop highly valued and sought after skillsets not traditionally found in vocational areas of study. For those looking to set themselves apart professionally, the Masters of Liberal Studies program is the perfect path to do just that.

'Employers continue to endorse broad learning as essential to long-term career success.' 
-Association of American College & Universities

Benefits to Professionals

  1. Make Innovating Problem-Solving Second Nature 
    There's problem-solving, and then there's innovating. As a student in the MLS program, you are asked to dissect problems and consider solutions with creativity and complexity - the perfect combination for establishing a practice of innovation. By the end of your studies, you are equipped to confront problems and execute meaningful change, focusing not only on the problem at hand but also on future problems.

  2. Build Interpersonal Skills
    At every organization's core are its people. Building your interpersonal skills is one of the best ways to increase your value on a team. Whether it's active listening, effective communication, team-working, conflict resolution, or decision-making, interpersonal skills can help you nurture the collaborative work relationships critical to success in any career.

  3. Gain Leadership Potential
    What does it take to be a great leader? Among the many qualities of a great leader is self-awareness. In the MLS program, you are encouraged to explore aspects of society unfamiliar to you. Faculty members challenge you to go beyond your frame of mind and consider alternate viewpoints. In doing this, you grow to gain a better understanding of others and yourself as well. When combined with your background and experiences, you can expect to graduate with the tools needed to perform (and thrive) in your industry's top leadership positions. 

  4. Train Yourself to Think Across Disciplines
    The beauty of a liberal studies degree is the breadth of subject matter you will encounter. From history to literature, social sciences to natural sciences, the interdisciplinary approach encourages you to be a more well-rounded, cognitive thinker, reader, and reasoner. 


Stand out with a Master of Liberal Studies education from Rice University. 

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