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Nov 27 , 2018


  1. Plan the topic of every post each day from when you are reading this, through Jan.1 - or later. This way, you won't fail to post about upcoming marketing for Giving Tuesday as it is already in your calendar.
  2. Don't "set it and forget it." Block off time every single day to respond to comments, engage your audience and create loyalty around your mission. If your audience doesn't feel like there's a human on the other side, they'll move on. 
  3. Avoid "auto-sharing" to every social media channel. It's tempting and easy to share the same post to all of your channels, but each social media platform has a different audience for a reason. Customize your posts to each channel before they go live. 
  4. Don't assume your donors will get annoyed with "one more ask." Many of them are already looking for a place to support on Giving Tuesday. If you don't offer, there is a zero percent chance they'll choose you. 
  5. Share the impact! Unless your donors know where their money is going, they're less likely to remain loyal. Make them a part of your Giving Tuesday campaign by explicitly telling your audience where your organization needs support. At the end of the campaign, share the total amount of dollars raised, and bullet point the areas of impact for the organization. The less generalized, the better! Your supporters want to know they helped make a difference and influenced your success.



About the Author

Kristyna Torres-Cruz is a social media marketing consultant and speaker known as PRKristyna. Her expertise is in connecting nonprofit brands to their community without breaking the bank. Ms. Torres-Cruz has worked with a wide spectrum of nonprofits including national organizations such as the Girl Scouts and the March of Dimes to local organizations such as Serve Houston and the My Brothers Keeper teen program. Mrs. Torres-Cruz is an instructor for “What Nonprofits Need to Know for Giving Tuesday and End-of-Year Campaigns” at Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership.