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Five Tips for Your CoachRICE Application

Applying to a career-enhancing program can seem intimidating. Consider these tips to help guide your responses.

Aug 15 , 2018

Starting an application, especially one that could impact your career, may seem daunting. But, it doesn’t need to be. Below is advice from our CoachRICE team to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and portray your application in the best possible light to make you a competitive candidate. Good luck!

  1. Know Why You’re Applying to a Coach Training Program – This may seem obvious, but the better you understand your own professional goals and how you could use this training in the future, the more likely it is that you will write a compelling application. Spend time considering exactly why you are applying to CoachRICE and why this is the best time for your training. Is it your passion for coaching? Your interest in the 11 coaching competencies? Do you have a desire to become connected to a learning community? Are you hoping to refresh coaching skills that you haven’t used recently? Once you’re able to answer the “why,” you’re ready to begin.


  2. Be Honest – Although we know there is a temptation to present yourself as “perfect,” we want to get to know the real you through this process. In fact, trying to appear perfect is one of the biggest impediments to effective coaching, so we wouldn’t ask you to do that as a coach in training! We are all “in process” and are looking for you to bring both confidence and self-awareness to your application. For example, when we ask for you to discuss some developmental feedback you’ve received in the past, it’s OK if it was a true growth area and not a compliment. We respect your transparency.


  3. Be Concise – While there is no word limit on the application, applicants often struggle to state their responses in both a concise and meaningful way. Think through the main point(s) you want to make before answering each question, and then give the best example to support your position. We want to ensure you have the necessary space to express yourself in a meaningful way and to answer each part of the question, as several questions have multiple parts. We encourage you to answer the questions that are asked and not go beyond those in your responses.


  4. Be Familiar with Our Program – Show us you’ve reviewed CoachRICE and have thoughtfully considered the program and its requirements. It reflects poorly on applicants who include inaccurate information about the CoachRICE program when details are clearly stated on the website. Specifically, information regarding the topics for each of the four modules, program dates and pre-requisites are already on the website and should be reviewed before submitting your application. In addition, many applicants find it especially helpful to peruse the International Coach Federation’s website before they apply.


  5. Confirm Training Dates Fit with Your Schedule – We want you to experience all the benefits of CoachRICE. If you already know you are unable to attend a module, consider holding your application until your schedule allows for full participation.


Please note we receive more applications than spots available for each CoachRICE cohort. The suggestions above do not guarantee your acceptance into the CoachRICE program.



Holly Tompson, Ph.D., PCC

Holly Tompson, Ph.D., PCC, is currently the director of training for CoachRICE at Rice University's Doerr Institute for New Leaders. She also serves as a coach at the Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute, a network associate of the Center for Creative Leadership and for Landit, a division of Mobius Executive Leadership and for Booz Allen Hamilton. She earned a bachelor's from Trinity University in business administration and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Tompson graduated from the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University. She is a member of the International Coach Federation with PCC status. Dr. Tompson has taught MBA courses in leadership competencies, conflict management and negotiations, and international management. Her current research and coaching specialties include: developing leadership capacity, managing career transitions, work-life balance and adjustment to international job changes. She is certified to administer the Hogan Personality Indicator, DISC and the Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Previously, Dr. Tompson worked as a senior research analyst at the Institute for Corporate Productivity in St. Petersburg, FL where she advised Fortune 200 companies in leadership, global management strategies and coaching. She has been a faculty member at several universities in the United States including the University of Tampa and at Florida Southern College.