In response to COVID-19, the Glasscock School has moved the majority of our upcoming offerings online. Learn more

Apr 15 , 2020

Educators are no strangers to adapting. 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we remain as committed as ever to providing teachers with high-quality and relevant professional development in a safe and convenient manner. That's why, in the spirit of adapting and adhering to our fundamental mission, we're proud to announce our summer 2020 teacher professional development offerings will be moved to our online classroom environment. 

We welcome this opportunity to offer these educational experiences online for a number of reasons. Primarily, it is the responsible transition to support public health initiatives during these challenging times. Additionally, an online format increases access to teachers from districts that may otherwise be burdened by travel expenses and unable to send teachers to an in-person institute. Free of geographic limitations, educators around the country are welcome to join workshop leaders and fellow teachers remotely to experience the sense of community and collaboration that makes Rice workshops unique.

As a service to our community of educators, we've extended the early bird registration window to May 31, 2020. Register for our AP Summer Institute, Middle School Institute or AP Preparedness Summer Workshops before May 31st to receive a $50 discount on the standard fee of $595.

As one of the largest providers of teacher trainings in the country, we are excited for this change and hope that you will consider Rice as your partner in student success. To learn more about how you can join us at an upcoming workshop, please use the links below.

AP Summer Institute

AP Preparedness Summer Workshops

Middle School Institute



AP® is a registered trademark of the College Board, used with permission for the AP Summer Institute. The College Board is not involved in the development and delivery of other Rice professional development.