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Welcome to Community Learning & Engagement at Rice. Experience lifelong learning driven by your fascinations. Explore the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, creative writing, photography, studio art, and many other subjects in our short, non-credit courses and programs for the public.

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Our dynamic catalog features many new classes each semester, highlighting some of the most intriguing topics being explored on campus, in our city and around the world. We also offer a range of free public programs and feature exhibits of artwork created by our students and faculty.

Taught by outstanding Rice University faculty and community experts and developed in collaboration with dozens of university and regional partners, our classes are conducted in two primary ways:

  1. In person at the Anderson-Clarke Center on Rice’s beautiful campus
  2. Online, expertly designed to be content-rich, engaging and easy to access

Courses are conveniently offered during the day and evening. Most have no prerequisites and are open to all adults. Join our welcoming community of learners and embrace Rice University’s “unconventional wisdom."

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Community Learning and Engagement serves as a bi-directional bridge between Rice and Houston, making the outstanding educational and creative resources of our campus and community accessible to the public. We build engaged learning communities, foster deep collaborations and embody living and learning at the intersections of disciplines, people and ideas.

Cathy Maris
Cathy Maris

Assistant Dean, Community Learning and Engagement (CLE) and Adjunct Professor of Continuing Studies

Korin Brody
Korin Brody

Associate Director, Community Learning and Engagement (CLE)

Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez

Senior Program Administrator, Community Learning and Engagement (CLE)

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