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This certificate provides a holistic approach to a lifelong leadership development practice. We start with the premise that leadership requires mobilizing and engaging others to do difficult work, and produces positive change in systems, communities, and organizations but first and foremost, leadership must begin with you. Through this lens, the certificate is organized into three courses:

  • Leading Self: Your DiSC Leadership Style
  • Leading Teams: Building High Performing Teams
  • Leading Systems: The Art and Practice of Influencing Without Authority


  • Professionals who want more insight into their work and communication style
  • Professionals who want to increase their ability to manage up and across to create more trusting and effective relationships with their bosses
  • Managers who want more understanding on how to leverage their employees' strengths and work styles
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate with others and adapt their style to influence others

At its best, leadership development is a comprehensive, multi-faceted, and life-long learning process. This process cultivates your increased self-awareness, provides you tools to create the best possible environments for your teams to flourish, and translates to ways you can lead positive change in systems and communities. You will learn about all of these components in each of our three certificate courses, but together you will see how leading self, leading teams, and leading systems all work together to create a lifelong process of building and improving your leadership capabilities.

Component Courses

Leading Self: Your DiSC Leadership Style

In this course, participants will take the DiSC™ assessment to understand their communication and work styles. Through a highly interactive course, participants will understand how to increase their strengths, manage weaknesses, work adaptively with others, and build trust to exercise leadership.

Leading Teams: Building High Performing Teams

What would be the impact if all your work teams were high performing teams? In this course, participants will learn the two dimensions of high performing teams and the fourteen competencies that contribute to them. Through interactive activities, discover how to diagnose and address challenging competencies and leverage team strengths. We will also discuss toxic behaviors that undermine a team's performance and how to align actions and outcomes to team purpose.

Leading Systems: The Art and Practice of Influencing Without Authority

Practice how to influence and gain support from others beyond the responsibilities inherent to your job’s position or title. Be prepared to challenge your assumptions on what it really means to create positive change.

Each of the three courses in the leadership certificate can be taken independently. However, by registering for this certificate you save $50 on the total cost of the three courses.

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