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Major Milestones

A timeline of the Center for College Readiness' history and accomplishments.


Since 1968, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has fulfilled the vision of Rice's founding president, Edgar Odell Lovett, of a university engaged with its community by providing high-quality educational opportunities to our ever-changing community. In 1994, in service to this vision, the School began to focus on teacher professional development and initiated work on its first formal program offering to provide summer training for AP and Pre-AP teachers. Over time, our program offerings have diversified and our impact at the local, state, national, and international level has grown dramatically. Though our original mandate was teacher professional development, in the last several years our initiatives have expanded to include programming for not only teachers but also district administrators, counselors and secondary students.

To date, this initiative, now known as the Center for College Readiness, has trained more than 50,000 educators and students from all 50 states and 53 countries through a variety of programming that includes professional development for AP, IB, middle school, writing, technology, college readiness and student programs.

In 2014, we celebrate 20 years in service to the K-12 community and we look forward to a future of continued growth, engagement and enrichment.

Key Events in our History

1994 – The School, under the leadership of Edie Carlson and Dean McIntire, initiated the development of its first teacher professional development offerings, Advanced Placement Summer Institutes, endorsed by the College Board.

1995 – The first annual Advanced Placement Summer Institute is offered. From 1995-2013, we have trained nearly 29,000 AP and Pre-AP teachers from all over the world.

2002 – The National Science Foundation awards the department $700,000 to create an AP Digital Library of peer reviewed resources and curricular materials for AP teachers nationwide. The grant, authored by Dr. Siva Kumari, is our first national grant.

2005 – The first annual International Baccalaureate endorsed IB DP Workshop is offered. From 2005-2013, we have trained more than 5,500 IB teachers from across the globe.

2007 – The Freeman Foundation awards the department $400,000 to create the Institute for Chinese Language Teaching (ICLT). The goal of ICLT was to educate and certify a body of Chinese language teachers to fulfill a rising demand in Texas and the United States. The program provided professional development for 48 participants and certified 24 Chinese language teachers between 2007 and 2011. In 2012 and 2013, our work with Chinese language teaching evolved through funding ($300,000) from the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Initiative. The STARTALK Chinese Student Enrichment Program, designed and administered by the department, worked directly with multiple school districts and provided Chinese language enrichment for more than 600 students.

2009 – The U.S. Department of Education awards the department and two local school districts a $1 million Teaching American History grant. The grant collaboration was designed to provide content-rich teacher professional development for district American history and social studies teachers. The grant, authored by Dr. Jennifer Gigliotti, marks our first Department of Education award.

2010 – The department offers its first online course, the Global Education Certificate program. Since then, multiple online and hybrid courses have been offered on a variety of topics including college counseling, math, science and American history.

2011 – In light of our ever expanding and diversified portfolio of educational programming, in 2011 we created the Center for College Readiness which better encompasses the full scope of our work. Our programming has and continues to be centered on innovative strategies and content to increase the college readiness of students.

2012 – The Houston Endowment grants the AVID Center and Rice University’s Center for College Readiness $2.3 million in support of the Houston area College Readiness Initiative. The initiative addresses the need for a comprehensive college readiness system in a consortium group of thirteen Houston-area school districts. The collaborative is committed to helping students in the consortium schools prepare to succeed in academically rigorous courses. The grant, co-authored by Dr. Gigliotti, represents our largest award and collaboration to date.

2014 – The Center for College Readiness celebrates 20 years in service to K12 teachers and students as our flagship program, the AP Summer Institute, marks its 20th annual offering.

2015 – The Center for College Readiness adds PYP and MYP to our existing DP International Baccalaureate workshop offerings.