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All AP & IB Workshops are now being offered online.

Program Offerings

The Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University is currently one of the largest teacher-training institutes in the country. Offerings include professional development for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, college access counseling and technology integration.

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The AP® program is the national standard for academic rigor and college readiness, providing high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting. AP courses provide the level of rigor that best prepares students for post-secondary success.

Research demonstrating that AP courses increase students’ college readiness and completion is incontrovertible. The success of the AP program is due, in part, to the academic rigor of Pre-AP and AP courses. Experimental research studies have proven that participation in the AP program is significantly correlated with college readiness.

The Center for College Readiness provides AP training and support to both teachers and students, serving more than 3,500 participants in 2017.

Advanced Placement Offerings

Academic Year

Fall AP Seminar

Developed for teachers interested in acquiring content and strategies for teaching advanced courses, these seminars will be facilitated by a master teacher and will provide a forum for the exploration and discussion of course content, best practices and instructional strategies.

Spring AP Exam Prep Workshops

These one-day AP® Exam Prep Workshops are designed for teachers interested in acquiring strategies for preparing their students for the AP exam.

AP Exam Review for Students

This event is aimed toward helping high school students students prepare for their AP exams. Programs are available in an on-campus or online format.



AP Summer Institute

The AP® Summer Institute at Rice University offers challenging AP professional development courses that address advanced topics in AP.

AP International Summer Institute

Rice University hosts its annual AP International Summer Institute, administered by the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University and endorsed by the College Board.

AP Preparedness Summer Workshops (formerly Pre-AP Summer Workshops)

The AP Preparedness Summer Workshops are designed for Pre-AP® middle school and high school teachers.

Middle School Institute

The Middle School Institute is designed for middle school teachers seeking foundational skills necessary to prepare students for success in secondary advanced academics.

AP® is a registered trademark of the College Board, used with permission for the AP Summer Institute. The College Board is not involved in the development and delivery of other Rice professional development.

The Center for College Readiness offers workshops for teachers in schools implementing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, providing training to more than 1,100 participants in 2017. The workshops at Rice are designed for new and experienced PYP, MYP, DP and CP IB teachers who are interested in learning more about the IB program and/or strategies and techniques for effectively teaching IB courses. Workshops are led by experienced IB workshop leaders who have a strong background in teaching and an interest in developing the IB teacher community through rigorous professional development.

International Baccalaureate Offerings

Fall IB Workshops

The Fall IB workshops at Rice are designed for new and experienced IB teachers at the PYP, MYP, DP and CP levels who are interested in learning about the IB program and strategies and techniques for effectively teaching IB curriculum.

Spring IB Workshops

The Spring IB workshops at Rice are designed for new and experienced IB teachers at the PYP, MYP and DP levels who are interested in learning about the IB program and strategies and techniques for effectively teaching IB curriculum.

Endorsed workshop partner of the IBO.

Our college readiness-focused programming is designed to build awareness about the role of rigor in preparing students for college, to create a college-going culture within the school community and to explore the critical skills of effective college counseling.

College Access Counseling Online Offerings

College Access Counseling Certificate

This online certificate program is specifically designed to increase an individual’s knowledge and improve their capacity to assist students in navigating the pathway to college.


Certificate Content Courses

College Match - Fall

This online course focuses on best practices for helping students identify, consider and enroll in “match” colleges.

Financing College: Navigating the Pathways - Fall

This online course provides participants with the knowledge to identify and evaluate paths toward college affordability.

Fundamentals of College Counseling - Fall and Spring

An online program to provide a holistic, core curriculum to teach the critical skills of effective college counseling.

Letters of Recommendation - Fall and Spring

This online course offers educators knowledge on how to best advise students, so that they can secure the most effective letters of recommendation. It also provides tips and strategies to assist educators in writing effective letters of recommendation for their students.

The Role of the College Access Counselor - Winter or Spring

Explore methods and strategies for working with students and their families to guide them through the college search process in this online course.

Undergraduate Admissions Process - Summer

This online course explains the factors that go into the "holistic review" process of highly selective colleges and universities in the United States.

Counseling Aspiring First Generation College Students - Winter or Spring

In this online course, you will explore the social, emotional and cultural barriers aspiring first generation college students face and must overcome in order to achieve success in their transition from high school to college.

Capstone - Summer and Winter

Candidates complete an ePortfolio to showcase their work and knowledge of college counseling support and services. Successful completion of the Capstone course is required to earn the College Access Counseling Certificate.


Texas high school students are able to participate in dual credit coursework, helping them earn college credit, or even an associate’s degree, before they step foot on a post-secondary campus. The only roadblock? Qualified teachers. 

Dual credit courses are designed to challenge students with rigorous, college-level curriculum, and provide them with a jumpstart on their futures—all public colleges and universities in Texas are required to accept dual credit. Teachers that possess the appropriate credentials to teach dual credit courses in their content areas are in high demand and have the potential to maximize their earning power while providing college access and increasing college affordability for their students. 

Dual Credit Offerings

Dual Credit Teacher Credentialing

For English and History Teachers — Teach your students about the rigors of higher learning while they earn credit in both high school and college.

Fall Dual Credit Summit

For Current and Aspiring Dual Credit Teachers — Sharpen the skillsets needed to support your students through the rigor of dual credit curriculum and instruction.


Our technology integration workshops are designed to help teachers discover how to transform their classroom into a student-centered environment that is easily differentiated for all learners. Workshops are designed specifically for teachers with various levels of experience at integrating technology from beginners to advance.

Technology Integration Workshops

  • Middle School Social Studies: Technology Integration for New Teachers (details coming soon)

In addition to our other education initiatives, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies offers specialized programming for educators in areas of leadership coaching, teaching practices and more.

Special Topics in Education Offerings

Instructional Leadership Coaching: Developing a Community of Practice

In this one-week program, participants will gain increased knowledge of instructional coaching best practices and proven techniques to integrate into the classroom.

The Center for College Readiness offers numerous college-preparatory opportunities for students to raise their awareness of the importance of college and to master the skills necessary for their post-secondary careers.

Student Program Offerings

AP Exam Review at Rice

This event is aimed toward helping Houston-area students prepare for their AP exams. Students have the opportunity to attend up to two 90-minute review sessions.

AP Exam Review Online

This online course is designed to help students prepare for their AP exams. The AP exam review course is led by experienced AP teachers in a variety of subjects.

National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine

Future doctors and health care practitioners will enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to discover their passions through hands-on medical experience at NYLF Medicine.

Rice University Aerospace & Aviation Academy + EDUC 101

During the program, you will gain invaluable hands-on career experience and exposure while learning from and engaging with leading minds in the space industry, gaining unique access to industry facilities, and hearing directly from a NASA representative on 21st century space innovations.

Urban Sustainability Academy

The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy, Powered by Envision, is an incredible opportunity to spend 10 days in one of the epicenters of sustainability and biodiversity.